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The family tradition at Ashgrove has long been established. 2017 sees three third generation grandsons of legendary Old Boys making the final call. Oscar Mead, son of Bart (1982) and grandson of Bernie (1948) will graduate as will Sam Melit, son of Brogan (1982) and grandson of Frank (1950)(RIP).They will be joined by Seamus Treston, son of Brendan (1977) and grandson of Tom (1947). My word, did you have hair like that Tom and Brendan ?

Congratulations are also passed on to our other very proud Old Boys and, in particular, their graduating sons: Andrew (1983) and Oliver Donaldson; Andrew (1985) and Callum Ross; Tony (1982) and Matthew Stower; Anthony (1974) and Jesse Ashburn; Bryan (1975) and Oliver Griffin; Chris (1983) and Benjamin Bathersby; Craig (1983) and Joshua Greber; Craig (1978) and Marcus Eaton; David (1980) and Joshua Casey; David (1992) and Thomas Shaw-Miles; Gerard (1987) and William Ryan; Iain (1984) and Luke McLean; John (1980) and Harry Ryan; John (1978) and Joshua Rolfe; Kevin (1980) and Jamie Ryan; Luke (1986) and William Garske; Marlon (1989) and Jakob Webb-Blakemore; Matthew (1987) and Jack Franzmann; Nigel (1988) and Joshua Horswill; Peter (1983) and Shaun Anderson; Phillip (1978) and Matthew Richards; Sean (1987) and Matthew Bobbermien; Shane (1975) and Patrick Mead; and Stephen (1988) and Samuel Kelly.

A special Old Boys welcome also goes to Sebas Dos Santos, a valued member of the Mead family and the Marist community. We have heard great things about you young man. The OBA also welcomes all of the 2017 graduating class as our newest members. Much more about them in their first Ashgrovian presented to them with their OBA ties by the President at graduation.