You are currently viewing “The Voice” To Give his Farewell Performance This Friday!

His baritone voice has guided parents and students through countless assemblies, Masses and graduations.

But far beyond the dulcet tones, Luke McMahon has been dedicated to the pastoral and religious education at the College in the critical role as Head of Mission – the trustee of that special Marist ethos specific to Ashgrove and which each boy is gifted as part of his education.

This Friday is Graduation Day. Those brand new Old Boys are getting ready to join us.

And the Great Man will give one final performance, full of emotion, but professional as always, in leading the Graduation Mass. But will that be it ? Surely there will be an encore in there somewhere !

The Old Boys salute you Luke McMahon. We thank you and your staff for being the guardians of the most critical role the College has to offer.

May the years ahead be happy and prosperous.