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The Tower has been an iconic landmark in Ashgrove since 1931. It is a place of immense historical, religious and community significance. It is now time for us to restore The Tower so that it will once again hold its rightful place of being near the heart of Marist College Ashgrove.

Once restored The Tower will greet visitors to the College, the main reception will be located at the entrance of the building on the ground floor. There will also be a reflection and parents room and a function room for the use of our Marist family and friends. Within the function room there will be a long needed College museum to house and display our extensive historical collection.

The restored Tower will also be a significant place for teaching and learning. Upstairs there will be two multi-purpose classrooms. These classrooms will provide an innovative and vibrant learning hub, supporting the 21st century learning needs for our students and teachers, and will include writable walls, comfortable furniture, Wi-Fi and usb ports.

The Tower is a legacy of our proud Marist history. It has served the Marist College Ashgrove community for over 77 years. The responsibility now falls to us to preserve this historical building for those who will follow in our footsteps.

Please give generously to The Tower Appeal. Without your support the dream to return The Tower to its former glory may remain just that …. a Dream.

How You Can Help The Tower
Assistance can be provided in a number of forms, including by;

  • Making a personal contribution
  • Making a corporate contribution
  • Making a bequest to the restoration appeal
  • Organising a fundraising event
  • Donations to the appeal are tax-deductible

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