You are currently viewing The Old Boys Express our Eternal Gratitude to Tony Byrne

The iconic Marist College Ashgrove Champagnat Trust Sports Lunch – the Sports Lunch – started in 2005 and continued to power on for a further 18 years.

Tony Byrne has been at the helm every single step of the way as ‘the Sports Lunch’ just grew and grew to become the absolute highlight of the Ashgrove calendar. A cavalcade of sporting superstars lined up year upon year to entertain the huge numbers in attendance. A place where thousands of Old Boys took tables – just to be part of it. The Lunch became a rite of passage the very first year after graduation.

But, in the end, it is all about the Boys. Dozens upon dozens of young men have now been given the opportunity of an Ashgrove education because of Tony’s efforts and they, in turn, have become the proudest of Old Boys.

All Old Boys thank Tony for his absolute dedication to the institution which has changed the face of Ashgrove. We take the time to also salute our treasured honorary Life Member, Mrs Kay Wells, and Mr Peter McWhirter (father of 5 Old Boys) who bunkered down with Tony all those years ago. You, too, share in the eternal thanks of a grateful community.

Long may ‘the Lunch’ continue to flourish. Viriliter Age.