You are currently viewing Smart Cookies Sneak Away to Top of Tower

Old Boys going back 80 years know the top of the Tower was always ‘The Forbidden Zone’. The place where the boarders of many years ago hid their contraband knowing the Marist Brothers probably did not have the stamina nor physique to actually reach the top (plus the place was haunted in any event).

So, when our top flight graduates from 2022, still fit as a fiddle, returned recently to receive their awards from the College, the lads took the rare opportunity to sneak away and hold a private celebration right at the very top. Secret Smart Cookies Business.

Congratulations to our very latest ATAR 98+ Old Boys. Just brilliant work the whole year round. A new world awaits.

And don’t they look just resplendent in those ‘members only’ OB ties !

Message us if you would like one. Or one of those incredible OB caps.