You are currently viewing OB John Eales (1987) Receives Ultimate Honour Elevated to ‘Legend’ of Australian Sport

Of all the Halls of Fame awards in Australia, one accolade stands head and shoulders above all others – the elevation to ‘Legend’ status in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

Only one person is allocated the award each year. The status of ’Legend’ is bestowed only after the athlete has been retired for 15 years and there has been complete scrutiny by an expert panel.
OB John Eales (1987) is the 2020 recipient and the first ever from the ‘game they play in Heaven’.

The Marist Ashgrove Community congratulates John. He is the essence of Ashgrove. Simplicity, Modesty, Humility. Leading by example.

Next year’s Champagnat Sports Lunch on 11th June, always co-hosted brilliantly by John and Matthew Hayden (1988), should just be all that more special. Viriliter Age!