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The oldest graduates from the McLoughlin era at the College (2009 – 2020) have now reached 30. In the blink of an eye.

A period of sustained achievement when, after walking out the gates, the real benefits of all that learning, mateship and character, gifted only by an Ashgrove education, come to the fore. The pursuit of excellence.

It is one thing to make it to Senior and do well, it is quite another to succeed out there in the big, wide world. But they have. Business, Law, Religion, Music, Arts, Indigenous Affairs, Medicine, Trades, Sustainability, Economics, Media, Military, Allied Health – you name it, they have it covered.

So, over the next few months, the Old Boys will have a look at 30 of our very brightest young Ashgrovians. If there’s someone you think deserves to be included – get his Mum to email us at

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