You are currently viewing Two More Greats Set to Bring the Curtain Down Rick Morrow and Paul Kearney Bid Farewell

Old Boys, it was probably only when some teaching legends departed in recent years that there was a true realisation of the depth of talent which made Ashgrove great.

Another dynamic duo will take their final bow this month to complete their stellar careers – we suspect to head off to the Masters golf circuit where the real money is.

There will be thousands of OB’s and parents out there who have had the benefit of the wisdom and sheer dedication of Rick Morrow (1989 -1993 and 2000 to 2017) and Old Boy (1970) Paul Kearney (1998 -2017). Their love of the College and sheer determination to bring out the very best in young Ashgrovians will be their legacy. The pursuit of excellence !

The OBA sends our best wishes to Rick and Paul on their retirement from the noblest of professions. As we say here at Ashgrove when we get emotional – Thanks. Old Boys please post your tributes which Rick and Paul can read one day when someone tells them about Facebook.