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This Friday sees another 25 Sons of Old Boys make their final appearance at the College  – and watching on will be some pretty proud OB Dads.

There will be a Midgley, an Enright and a Melit (all 3rd generation) and some other iconic names from yesteryear like a Stower, a Geraghty, a Buzzo, an O’Connor, a Mee, two Gardiners. They will be joined by an endless cavalcade of memorable Ashgrove names. Bigger, taller, and certainly better looking – but still with all those years of accumulating wisdom yet to come.

That hallmark of Ashgrove Old Boys – lifelong friendships – has been cemented for yet another generation. The OBA extends its welcome to this special group of young men as they join their fathers in the Association and, indeed, to all our graduating Seniors of 2016. Friday evening’s graduation will see the boys awarded their magnificent Old Boys tie and three violets. They may even show up in their first edition of the Ashgrovian. Viriliter Age!



Back Rows: Steven (1985) and Carter Kendall; Damian (1972) and Thomas Meggitt; David (1986) and Max Pyne; Scott (1988) and Declan Brice; Tony (1980) and Jack O’Connor; Mauro (1985) and Jay Buzzo; Jimmy (1982) and James Mee; Damien (1983) and Elijah Cole; Stephen (1979) and Matthew Geraghty
Middle Rows: Paul (1986) and James Downs; Simon (1987) and Charles Best; David (1981) and Jacob Stower; Jim (1980) and Michael and Ben Gardiner; Gerard (1990) and Max Midgley; Michael (1985) and Patrick O’Connor; Tim (1988) and Harrison Condon; Peter (1989) and Alex Readman; David (1988) and Daniel Goodwin
Front Rows: Brendan (1984) and Lachlan Kiernan; Brogan (1983) and Maxwell Melit
Absent but there in spirit: Russell (1982) and William Eaton; Tom (1981) and Lawson Enright; Trevor (1976) and James Graham; Derrick (1983) and Jarrad Pon