You are currently viewing Old Boy Brother Daniel Hollamby AM (1969) –  Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia !

Do you get tired of reading about people who get a major award for basically doing their job, painting or even for just giving a speech someone else wrote ? — Particularly when there are real people out there who actually make enormous sacrifices and quietly go about serving others.

The Old Boys Association congratulates Brother Daniel Hollamby AM (1969) on his long overdue recognition for service to primary education, particularly in Indigenous communities, through senior teaching and leadership positions

Not only was Brother on staff at the College in the 70’s, he was the Headmaster of Ashgrove’s primary school from 1983 – 88. However, his most outstanding efforts came in running the Marist indigenous communities at Bourke, Murgon and now at Santa Theresa in the Territory. No bright lights or shiny badges out there. No cocktail parties where you can talk yourself up. Just dust, hard work, and educating and caring for the most underprivileged in Australia.

The OBA recognises your generosity and humility but would just like to say — GOOD ON YOU, BROTHER !!! All Old Boys are very, very proud. If we still had Knighthoods, you’d have one of them too.