You are currently viewing Ob Gabriel Perry (2008) – Superb Performance to be Awarded the UQ Graduate of the Year

The University of Queensland pumps out thousands of graduates a year. But only one, just one, can stand at the very top and be recognised as the UQ Graduate of the Year (2016) for the entire University.

This year it is Ashgrovian, Gabriel Perry (2008). GPA 7.0. First class Honours in Arts and in Law. University Medallist (2015).

Faculty Graduate of the Year (2016). Australian students Prize in Senior 2008. UQ Excellence scholarship (2009). Numerous Dean’s commendations for high achievement and academic excellence.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff. But what we really love is the Ashgrove in the boy. Humble. Generous. Volunteering in numerous capacities helping others and tutoring indigenous students.

Take a bow young man. Ashgrove is very proud. Congratulations from all Old Boys on your outstanding performance. The OBA can feel a Rhodes Scholarship coming on. Viriliter Age!