You are currently viewing Military Service by Old Boys of MCA & Marist College Rosalie – Assistance Required

Marist College Ashgrove and the Old Boys’ Association are currently undertaking the lengthy process of collecting the names of all Old Boys from both Colleges who have served in the Armed Forces. That period extends from 1940 until the present. Ashgrove and Rosalie are considered part of the same Marist family. The College and the OBA not only wish to produce a comprehensive list for the archives but to also give appropriate recognition to our distinguished Old Boys.

We are very much in need of assistance from the Marist College Ashgrove community to identify, with accuracy, those Old Boys who, over the last 75 years, have served their country with honour. If you, your son, husband, a relative or friend, or someone you know, is an Old Boy of Marist College Ashgrove or Marist College Rosalie and has served, or is currently serving, in the Armed Forces, would you kindly provide details of your/his name, years at either College, rank, branch in which you/he served together with any other significant information about your/his military career (e.g military campaigns/awards) by sending that information to

Thank you for your assistance with this important project.

Mr Peter McLoughlin

Mr Dominick Melrose