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Old Boys, we all know this was the big one. The most prestigious of all.

While there was the Captain of this, and the Cup for that, they all eventually pass into the mists of time. But every single Old Boy still remembers their year’s “Dux of the College”. We were in awe of his talents and respected the fact the award could never be gifted or dependent on popularity – it was only ever achieved quietly, through year round dedication and the uncompromising pursuit of excellence. The Marist Way.

In 1986, the Dux was Luke (now Doctor) Garske. Next Thursday, Luke’s son, William, a humble young man, will also be handed the College’s Jewel in the Crown – the “Father G Daly Memorial Cup for Dux of the College”.

The OBA sends its congratulations to the entire Garske Family on this famous and unique double. Never been done before. Probably never again. Brilliant stuff.