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Every Old Boy with young children and grandchildren knows about Bluey: the six year old blue heeler who, with her family and friends, is adored by the nation. Bluey finds her home on the ABC. There are no viewing records Bluey has not broken.

Bluey was born in the kennels of the Brisbane based production company – Ludo Studios. Its co-founder and director is none other than our multi-talented Old Boy, Daley Pearson (2001).

A winner last year at the Logies for the most outstanding children’s program, Bluey has recently put her paw to paper to cement a monster deal with Disney in the USA.

The Old Boys and all parents not only thank Daley (or should that be Walt) for the inspirational entertainment of our children but express our never ending admiration for his incredible talent and vision. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Viriliter Age !