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He is our greatest ever athlete Old Boys. Absolutely no doubt about it. Brazilian by birth. Now Italian by nationality. But a 5 year Ashgrovian in pure guts and spirit. Pietro Figlioli (2001) – genius – sporting superstar.

Olympic Water Polo for Australia in 2004 and 2008 followed by Olympic Silver and Bronze for Italy in 2012 and 2016. Not to mention Gold in the World Championships in 2011. Now, at 35, captain of Italy.

The Spanish were expected to walk it in (perhaps swim) against those tired, ageing Italians in the final in Gwangju. At half time, it looked all but over. But that was an Ashgrove man at the helm. And he wasn’t finished yet. Guts. Determination. Leading by example, he played a second period like no other which saw Ashgrove/Italy home 10-5. And our man from West Chermside, Pietro Figlioli, was MVP to boot. Of course he was. There was a world title on the line. Bravo Pietro. Che Grande ! Sei il Massimo !

Roll on Tokyo ! Viriliter Age !