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It must be something special to know you taught both the fathers and the sons – and to forever be an integral part of the fabric which is the Ashgrove Family.

Our beloved Ms Stevens taught in various periods at Ashgrove – initially from 1984 to 1989 (Mathematics) and then from 2001 to 2004 as a supply teacher. From 2005 until now, Majella co-ordinated the Gifted Education Program to which so many of our Old Boys will pay tribute.

But her dedication extended far beyond the classroom. Majella remained passionate and enthusiastic about all aspects of College Life – whether it be the joy of teaching or the Mates program or just supporting that young little Ashgrovian who was struggling. Her approach was to always ensure Ashgrove was a place of Love and Respect and the Marist Way.

Brisbane Grammar will now be the beneficiary of that same endless skill and enthusiasm.

The Old Boys you taught, and their parents who entrusted them to you, send our very best Majella. Ashgrove was just so much the better for you being here.