You are currently viewing 1980 (u/d), 1982, 1983, 1985, 2004 (u/d), 2007 (u/d), 2009 (u/d), 2010 (u/d) and 2017 — Undefeated Premiers !! Knight Shines a Brand New Day in Ash Volleyball History!

In the end, with history watching, we suspected nothing was going to stop them. Saving multiple set points to win the third 29-27 against a dogged Villa (we were told the 1980 spirit was there!), the 2017 First VI achieved only our 6th undefeated premiership since the introduction of Volleyball in 1975. Bravo Coach Adam Knight. Take a bow !! The supercoaches of the past, Austin Skinner, Darko Savavich and Aaron Alsop welcome you to that very exclusive club.

Old Boys around the world will be proud to hear it is still done in the traditional Ashgrove way. Not a single import or sporting scholarship in sight. Every single boy had to earn his spot, represent the College with dignity and contribute from the ground up. If you want to know what makes Ashgrove special and binds its Old Boys for life – that’s one of the answers.

But all the accolades today lie with our young men of 2017. Viriliter Age! Championship point below Old Boys. Enjoy!